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When we plant a seed and give it the water and nourishment it requires, it shoots up out of the earth. We stand in wonder at the process that takes place when we take care of it at each stage of its development. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential from the time it is a seed to the time it dies (Gallwey, W. T., 1974, The Inner Game of Tennis).

There is a core within ourselves, much like within a seed. Cultivating love and nurturance for the core supports health and growth. During this growth process, strong roots can be established.

"We need to see ourselves as basic miracles" (Virginia Satir).

We are all continually going through experiences that bring us happiness & joy or pain & suffering. These experiences are opportunities for growth or we can get stuck. If you are finding yourself stuck, then it's time for change.  Take the opportunity to take care of yourself to promote healthy growth and development. In counseling, you have an opportunity, with support, to work through problems such as; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mood disorders, grief, addiction, or trauma and cultivate positive change. 

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